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Babies at the beach!

Not going to lie, I was exceptionally naive about what it looks like to take new babies to the beach prior to some of our first outings. All I've ever seen on the 'gram are the super sweet photos of moms holding babes with a picturesque ocean view in the background (guilty 💁🏼‍♀️) or the monumental "first toes in the sand" pic (have the photo, could be guilty 🤣). ⁠

But, what isn't pictured or that I've ever seen are the overly hot babies, the babies covered in sand, the potentially dehydrated babies, the tired, crying babies that can't sleep from the noise, and the etc etc etc. So, after a number of outings and a now little older Revi, here are some things we've learned:⁠

  • Bring as much shade as physically possible. We started with a little mini pack and play with a shaded top but then upgraded to a massive umbrella/tent to go over the top of her pack and play and also gives us some shade to sit with her. Double shade goes a long, long way and also helps cut down on any wind (which we learned the hard way means so much blowing sand. everywhere.)
  • Bring more wet wipes than you could possibly ever use. You'll use them to clean sand out of every crevice.⁠
  • Bring fans and even misters if possible. Again, we started with one basic portable fan and then upgraded to one that blows both air and water. Makes a big difference. Also bring some sort of clip for attaching the fan to play/nap area.⁠
  • Feed more than you normally would. Since babies can get dehydrated very quickly, feed far more often than you normally would at home during the same time period. For older babies you could obviously bring water/sippy cups/etc⁠.
  • Wagons are lifesavers. Our first trips we just carried her in a front pack and carried everything else, which then turned into bringing the stroller to help with all the stuff, and then we finally landed on a wagon. Not only is it great for hauling everything, it eliminated the need for the pack and play as well since she can sit, lay, play and nap all in the wagon once it's empty at the beach. She also just loves riding in it, so it's great for beach walking.⁠
  • Forget the swimsuit, just bring a swim diaper. It's hot out there and those swimsuits truly just hold the heat in.
  • Invest in a breathable swaddle. If your baby, like ours, can't nap without a swaddle, find the lightest, most breathable swaddle possible. Your napping baby will thank you (as will your husband and everyone in your vicinity).
  • Bring the white noise machine to drown out the surrounding sounds.
  • Baby hats and baby sunglasses are a must. Amazon caries the best "infant" sunglasses I've been able to find that actually fit in those early months.
  • For her teething times, I now also throw in a cooler with ice packs and some of her chilled teethers. They don't last super long, but it does help cool her down and give some relief from the hot and the teeth. Plus, you can ultimately put the ice packs around napping baby if needed.
  • Finally - bring the camera to capture those once-in-a-life moments, because they CAN happen and DO happen with a little prep. 😉
Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735047 2020-05-16T14:52:08Z 2021-09-12T19:53:42Z RV accessories to camp like a pro RV accessories to camp like a pro

We often see the question being asked, "We're just getting into RVing. What all do we need to make our first trip a success?"

Far being a complete post, we figured we'd give a list of some of the things we've added to our repertoire along the way.


Setting up camp


  • Hotspot
  • Satellite


Working from the road

Patio Set Up








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tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735048 2019-10-09T19:23:00Z 2021-09-12T19:54:05Z Nascar in Dover Delaware!

first things first, we had to get the truck set up properly! *side note: Dover Delaware is THE place to see a Nascar race. parking in fields, no parking fee, AND you can bring your own food and beverages in.

(so obviously we came in with a cooler of Bud Light!)

pit row! 100% my favorite part to watch

having the headphones and being able to listen in to the drivers and their teams was a game changer

of course, no Nascar trip would be complete without a stop to see the Clydesdales

(and the Dalmatians!)

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735049 2019-10-02T19:10:00Z 2021-09-12T19:54:35Z Massey's Landing - DE!

oh hey Pacific Ocean!

office and store very handy

looking out into the ocean

everything was so fun and bright here - felt like a tropical getaway

we will go anywhere for pools with swim up bars! *not pictured, playing Farkle and eating nachos from the pool bar =)

there was just a little flooding happening!

cory capturing the early morning 

and the gorgeous sunsets

there's truly no place like *home* for the night, wherever that is 💛

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735050 2019-09-07T20:23:00Z 2021-09-12T19:58:05Z Lake of the Ozarks "KOA"

uh.... #angles

first time the wheels were ever off the ground


okay, that's better

home sweet home!

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735051 2019-09-07T20:20:00Z 2021-09-12T19:55:02Z Livvy being Special in the Ozarks ]]> Cory Watilo tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735052 2019-09-04T20:01:00Z 2021-09-12T19:55:34Z Lake of the Ozarks - Labor Day!

traveling down the road (half inflated) *** inflating all the way in the lake parking lot *** loading it up one more time to drive to the dock!

harder than it looks getting all this in the water...


(behind the scenes... Cory _____FILL IN BLANKSS!________)

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735054 2019-09-03T20:10:00Z 2021-09-12T19:56:02Z Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days! Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!

Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!

Backwater Jacks!

Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!

say what?!

Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!

Budlight with a straw #sponsorus!

Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!

pool #2! Dog Days

Lake of the Ozarks - Pool Days!]]>
Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735055 2019-09-01T00:35:00Z 2021-09-12T19:57:24Z Reunion Lake RV Resort

Paradise in Ponchatoula!

The Pool

nothing makes us happier than lazy rivers (especially lazy rivers with swim up pool bars)

very much appreciated the abundance of tubes here - can not say the same for everywhere else 😉

fantastic swim up bar in the adult pool. lake in front, hot tub behind.

there's another swim up bar here as part of the lazy river, but sadly this one was closed for "fall"

working on our Bud Light sponsorship #dedicated

each of those cabanas had lounges, mini-fridges and TVs.

The Lake & Wibit

the water was SO clear here. my favorite part of taking Olivia out in the morning quickly became walking along the pond and watching the fish swim.

the stuff kids' dreams are made of. a wibit, kayaks, you name it.

Drone Shots

✌🏻Ponchatoula, we'll be back!

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735056 2019-08-29T17:50:00Z 2021-09-12T19:57:42Z Ponchatoula by Night ✨ Ponchatoula by Night ✨Ponchatoula by Night ✨Ponchatoula by Night ✨Ponchatoula by Night ✨Ponchatoula by Night ✨Ponchatoula by Night ✨

Ponchatoula by Night ✨]]>
Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735057 2019-08-18T18:07:08Z 2021-09-12T19:57:42Z Top 6 RV Kitchen Purchases

Just getting your RV set up?  Here are 6 of my must-have, most-used, wouldn't-RV-without, kitchen purchases!

Brita Water Filter/Dispenser

Top 6 RV Kitchen PurchasesTop 6 RV Kitchen Purchases Top purchase to date! We have one for water and one for our Stok cold brew iced coffee (we just removed the filter)..
View on Amazon →

Black & Decker Toaster Oven

Top 6 RV Kitchen PurchasesTop 6 RV Kitchen Purchases This toaster oven has come in incredibly handy. Heats up far faster than the oven and can toast/broil/bake, you name it.
View on Amazon →

Instant Pot

Top 6 RV Kitchen PurchasesTop 6 RV Kitchen Purchases Quickest, fastest, cleanest way to a meal! You can take a meal from frozen chicken to shredded taco meat in 15 minutes flat.
View on Amazon →

Coza Unbreakable/Microwaveable Plates

Top 6 RV Kitchen PurchasesTop 6 RV Kitchen Purchases Easy to clean, wash and microwave! Added bonus of never having to worry about them breaking.
View on Amazon →

Coza Unbreakable/Microwaveable Bowls

Top 6 RV Kitchen PurchasesTop 6 RV Kitchen Purchases Same as the plates, highly recommend the whole set. We usually manage to use these for all three meals of the day!
View on Amazon →

Palmetto Plastic Tumblers

Top 6 RV Kitchen PurchasesTop 6 RV Kitchen Purchases Never worry about glass shattering when you're traveling - these are the way to go!
View on Amazon →

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tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735058 2019-08-18T17:31:36Z 2021-09-12T19:57:49Z How to Book an RV Park

Once you've decided on your next RV park (the hardest part!), there are just a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to book your spot.  

Booking Method

My preferred method of booking is almost always online, but unfortunately it's a bit of a rarity to find a site that allows for full booking online.  Side note: if you do find a site that allows for it, keep a lookout for online booking fees, as they're often a hidden "convenience" fee.

If I can't complete the entire booking and reservation online, then I will call directly.  I will honestly never fill out the booking "queries" online.  It's unknown if they're going to charge you immediately or if you'll simply get advised they do have an opening, and either way there's a waiting period, and by the time I've found a place(s), I want to book immediately.

Questions to Ask

When speaking with the park, there a few key questions to make sure you ask and cover before committing.  

  • Location of your spot: Is there an option to choose your spot?  If so, make sure to give your preferences.  You may want proximity to the pool area, a quieter area in the back, the most shaded area, etc.
  • Type of spot: Depending on your preference and budget, you should have options for pull throughs vs. back-ins.  Pull-throughs are going to be a small upcharge for convenience, but if you'd rather not deal with the hassle of having to back into a spot, we feel it's typically well worth it.
  • Are they going to charge you a holding fee?  Is it refundable?  What is the cancellation policy?  Some sites charge a per-day-stay holding charge (ie: 5 days at $10 a day), others will charge a flat rate, typically $100.  This generally just gets applied to your stay, but do check their cancellation policy and refundability on the hold if you need to cancel for any reason, especially weather.
  • Is there wifi available?  Is it free?  Do they allow streaming?
  • Are there any rules not covered on their website you should know about?  (Make sure to read these thoroughly before booking anywhere.)  We've found that the amount of rules from park to park can vary greatly.  In general, you'll want to check pet rules if you have any - this includes but not limited to: pet types allowed (many parks do have breed restrictions), whether or not pet fences are allowed, the number of pets allowed (many parks limit to two), whether or not vaccination are records required, etc.  
  • Other rules you may want to look into that we've seen if they pertain to you:  Is there a charge for bringing in a personal golf cart?  Are motorized scooters prohibited?  What are the quiet hours?  Are food and alcohol allowed at pool?  Are you allowed to wash truck/RV on site?  Is there a limit on family size (some will upcharge for additional people over 4, etc and some even have a max allowance).

Information to have on hand

Be prepared with information to answer some of the more commonly asked questions when booking an RV site:

  • Make and model of RV
  • Length of RV
  • Year of RV
  • Model and year of truck
  • Number of pets
  • Number of adults/children
  • Duration of stay
  • Any memberships and corresponding account numbers that provide discounts, ie: Good Sams, Triple A

If the rules work for you, pick your spot, apply any discounts available, and you should be set!

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735059 2019-08-14T18:58:00Z 2021-09-12T19:58:26Z Bourbon Street

before... during... (sorry - no afters!)

dance off!

night 2 - outfit change! 😉

considerable amounts of Budlight were consumed #sponsorus!

'bout sums it up

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735060 2019-08-13T19:34:00Z 2021-09-12T19:58:51Z French Quarter RV Park / Exploring

GORGEOUS RV park just minutes from Bourbon street. $$$ but worth it.

private cabana anyone?

took advantage of the level ground for some more bumper work. {before}

after! ✨

perfect pool & jacuzzi recovery

LOVED working out of this Stumptown

the other half of the picture... can't leave without driving by the massive soup kitchen lines 😔

Cory Watilo
tag:summerwithyou.com,2013:Post/1735061 2019-08-10T17:16:00Z 2021-09-12T19:59:02Z Texas License(s) to Carry (LTC)

While Cory has long had his California CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) license (along with a number of other states), we decided it was time that I joined in and got my license as well.  While I'd love to live in a world where that doesn't feel necessary, there have been many times now on this trip that I've found myself even just in a grocery store not feeling especially safe and would prefer knowing I have means of protection in my purse if needed - worst case.

So!  Cory found an LTC instructor who actually comes to your home for the 6 hours of classroom training and then accompanies you to a gun range for the safety and shooting tests.  Enter... Bill McFerren!  Bill was seriously the best.  So helpful, knowledgeable, passionate about helping people learn and just a great guy to hang out with for a day.  😃 If you're interested in more info and in the Houston area, we can't recommend him highly enough.

Some practice prior to our day with Bill at Top Gun Shooting Range - a fantastic spot.

Day of! Safety and shooting tests taken here at the Bay Area Shooting Club. Membership only unfortunately, but what a gorgeous spot to be.

So happy we passed! (Obviously Cory wasn't concerned, but I have an inordinate fear of tests of any type. 😉 Dad - you taught me well! All those days on the range paid off.

Next up is fingerprinting, submitting all the paperwork, and then a 6 week processing time.

Cory Watilo