Babies and beach time

Babies at the beach!

Not going to lie, I was exceptionally naive about what it looks like to take new babies to the beach prior to some of our first outings. All I've ever seen on the 'gram are the super sweet photos of moms holding babes with a picturesque ocean view in the background (guilty 💁🏼‍♀️) or the monumental "first toes in the sand" pic (have the photo, could be guilty 🤣). ⁠
But, what isn't pictured or that I've ever seen are the overly hot babies, the babies covered in sand, the potentially dehydrated babies, the tired, crying babies that can't sleep from the noise, and the etc etc etc. So, after a number of outings and a now little older Revi, here are some things we've learned:⁠

  • Bring as much shade as physically possible. We started with a little mini pack and play with a shaded top but then upgraded to a massive umbrella/tent to go over the top of her pack and play and also gives us some shade to sit with her. Double shade goes a long, long way and also helps cut down on any wind (which we learned the hard way means so much blowing sand. everywhere.)
  • Bring more wet wipes than you could possibly ever use. You'll use them to clean sand out of every crevice.⁠
  • Bring fans and even misters if possible. Again, we started with one basic portable fan and then upgraded to one that blows both air and water. Makes a big difference. Also bring some sort of clip for attaching the fan to play/nap area.⁠
  • Feed more than you normally would. Since babies can get dehydrated very quickly, feed far more often than you normally would at home during the same time period. For older babies you could obviously bring water/sippy cups/etc⁠.
  • Wagons are lifesavers. Our first trips we just carried her in a front pack and carried everything else, which then turned into bringing the stroller to help with all the stuff, and then we finally landed on a wagon. Not only is it great for hauling everything, it eliminated the need for the pack and play as well since she can sit, lay, play and nap all in the wagon once it's empty at the beach. She also just loves riding in it, so it's great for beach walking.⁠
  • Forget the swimsuit, just bring a swim diaper. It's hot out there and those swimsuits truly just hold the heat in.
  • Invest in a breathable swaddle. If your baby, like ours, can't nap without a swaddle, find the lightest, most breathable swaddle possible. Your napping baby will thank you (as will your husband and everyone in your vicinity).
  • Bring the white noise machine to drown out the surrounding sounds.
  • Baby hats and baby sunglasses are a must. Amazon caries the best "infant" sunglasses I've been able to find that actually fit in those early months.
  • For her teething times, I now also throw in a cooler with ice packs and some of her chilled teethers. They don't last super long, but it does help cool her down and give some relief from the hot and the teeth. Plus, you can ultimately put the ice packs around napping baby if needed.
  • Finally - bring the camera to capture those once-in-a-life moments, because they CAN happen and DO happen with a little prep. 😉