Texas License(s) to Carry (LTC)

While Cory has long had his California CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) license (along with a number of other states), we decided it was time that I joined in and got my license as well.  While I'd love to live in a world where that doesn't feel necessary, there have been many times now on this trip that I've found myself even just in a grocery store not feeling especially safe and would prefer knowing I have means of protection in my purse if needed - worst case.

So!  Cory found an LTC instructor who actually comes to your home for the 6 hours of classroom training and then accompanies you to a gun range for the safety and shooting tests.  Enter... Bill McFerren!  Bill was seriously the best.  So helpful, knowledgeable, passionate about helping people learn and just a great guy to hang out with for a day.  😃 If you're interested in more info and in the Houston area, we can't recommend him highly enough.

Some practice prior to our day with Bill at Top Gun Shooting Range - a fantastic spot.

Day of! Safety and shooting tests taken here at the Bay Area Shooting Club. Membership only unfortunately, but what a gorgeous spot to be.

So happy we passed! (Obviously Cory wasn't concerned, but I have an inordinate fear of tests of any type. 😉 Dad - you taught me well! All those days on the range paid off.

Next up is fingerprinting, submitting all the paperwork, and then a 6 week processing time.